Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME)

What is ACME?

Intro The Advisory Committee on Mathematics Education (ACME) is an independent committee that utilises its expertise to develop advice that it uses to influence mathematics education policy. ACME undertakes evidence-informed analysis, harnessing and reflecting the expertise of the mathematics community.

Recent highlights

1. Assessing problem solving - call for examples

As part of our wider work on teaching, learning and assessing 'mathematical thinking' ACME is exploring the assessment of problem solving and reasoning across all phases.

We are therefore looking for interesting questions that you believe assess problem solving and reasoning, to feed into ACME's analysis. Please click here for more information.

2. Initial teacher education of teachers of mathematics: have your say

What do teachers need during their training to ensure they can support high-quality mathematics learning in primary and secondary education?

To explore this question, and the key components of initial teacher education (ITE) of teachers of mathematics, ACME has launched its 'have your say' discussion paper, setting out some questions on ITE which we would like to invite you to share your views on by Wednesday 15 April. See the ACME teacher education and development page for more details.

3. ACME's Maths Snapshots

The first paper in ACME's Maths Snapshots series ACME's blueprint for mathematics education. The blueprint draws together principles on mathematics education developed by ACME since 2002.

ACME has published Maths Snapshots on the curriculum, teachers of mathematics, mathematics for all to 18, international comparisons and mathematics education policy.


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